The Interview

Useful tips that can lead you to a successful interview

After nailing the resume question, it is time to meet the potential employer face to face. This is perhaps the most nerve racking part of the process and perhaps the most influential. Having a great interview is key to getting the job. The 15-20 minutes is your time to sell yourself and tell your story. You need to elaborate on your skills and ease any doubt that your potential employer may have. Below are some of the most successful interview tips we have gathered.

Once you have passed the resume part of the employment process, the next step is the interview. Most interviews with potential employers are face to face. This can be the most stressful part of finding a job, but it is important to remember that a good interview increases your rate of finding that dream job. Most employers will talk to you for approximately 20 minutes and this is your chance to sell yourself on your skills and why you would be an asset to their organization. Depending on the job they may ask you some really tough questions and you may even have to take a test depending on the position. It is also common in interviews that you will talk to more than one person. In some interviews you will be interviewed by your potential boss, and your potential co-workers. Below are some interview tips that have helped people find their dream job

  1. Investigate - Know who will be talking to, and as much about the position and company
  2. Prepare and Practice - Know your material, and go over it in your head before the interview.
  3. Dress for Success - For an interview its always best to overdress versus underdress. Investigate the industry that your company works in and dress accordingly.
  4. Know Your P’s and Q’s – Address each person you meet respectfully and in a professional manner and tone.
  5. Prepare To Ask Question – Most interviewers like candidates who ask questions because it shows that you have done your homework on them and their company.
  6. Thank You Note. Try and get everyone’s contact information and send them a personal thank you note. These days, an email thank you is sufficient.

Here are more helpful guidelines that can help you with your next interview.


Do your research about the hiring company. Research shows that you came prepared. Researching a company will also give you an advantage in the interview process because you may learn something about the company that other candidates do not know.


Always arrive early but not TOO early. 10 minutes early for an interview is perfect. It shows that you planned ahead and that you are aware of how long it takes to get to where you need to be. Arriving early also gives you time to familiarize yourself with the surroundings, and use the restroom to make any necessary wardrobe adjustments.


Your potential employer is also looking to see how you integrate with the social dynamics of the company. They may ask you to talk to several different people in the organization and see if your personality is a good fit for the organization. It is important to be yourself, and stay positive. Try to relate to everyone you talk to on a personal level as well, but remember to stay professional. Never let yourself get too comfortable in an interview no matter how well it seems to be going. The bottom line is that if the hiring manager has narrowed down the candidate pool to you and one other person, the person who he or she feels is the best cultural fit with the organization will almost always get the job over the person who may have one or two more minor qualifications.